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Cotton is a skin-friendly natural fibre and the most commonly used fabric for knitwear items. It is robust and can absorb up to 65% of its weight in moisture. WILOX uses the finest combed cotton for high quality hosiery. Strength, fibre length and uniformity are therefore considered.


Alliance for sustainable textiles

The alliance for sustainable textiles has set itself the task with the strength and expertise of its members to achieve social, ecological and economic improvements throughout the supply chain. WILOX is a member of this alliance, which was initiated and supported by the federal German government.



Also called spandex in many countries, this elastic chemical fibre is used in almost all WILOX products. Elastane was founded in 1958 in the US and can be stretched four to seven times without losing its shape.


Flat stitching

Essential especially for high quality fine tights. The stitchwork is performed by hand and is sometimes strengthened with a narrow band on the back. An absolute advantage for wear comfort. Prestige products also often feature a sewnin label showing the brand and size.



The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised for the processing of textiles from organically grown natural fibres. GOTS defines environmental technological requirements at a high level throughout the whole textile production chain and simultaneously demands social criteria to be met.Hand-linked toe Toes for socks and tights are sewn by hand with true handicraft. Depending on the item, up to 200 stitches have to be threaded sewing needles in order to produce a true hand linked toe.



WILOX support items support the wearer with gradual compression that has been tested with the latest measuring techniques. Whether you are travelling, at work, doing sport, or for anyone who is on their feet for a long time. Gentle compression helps fight fatigue and heavy legs.



This elastane from the INVISTA brand distinguishes itself thanks to long lasting shape endurance and high elasticity. Wear comfort and freedom to move are also improved by using lycra.


Lenzing Modal

This fibre is manufactured from beech wood with the edelweiss technology using an environmentally friendly process. Softness is the main principle of this fibre. Twice as soft as cotton, every item can become a luxury product.


Oekotex Standard 100

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a global uniform, independent test and certification system for textile products. All accessory materials and producers are tested with fixed test criteria and checked for several hundred individual substances. With our symbol “Trust textiles with Oekotex Standard 100”, WILOX meets the highest demands in product safety.


Polyamide (also known as nylon)

Does not tear or chafe and regulates moisture itself. Not only for fine tights, but also as a soft touch fibre in sports or as a basic structure for longer durability of socks, this fibre is a true allrounder and indispensable for high quality WILOX products.


Lenzing Tencel

It is a lyocell fibre taken from the raw material wood. The fibre production is particularly environmentally friendly because of a closed cycle. Tencel is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.


Viscose and viscose from bamboo pulp

A renewable raw material of natural origin. It is very similar to cotton and distinguishes itself thanks to a particularly soft touch and a fine lustre. High wear comfort is also ensured thanks to a supple fit and particular absorbency.



We designate wool as the white hair of, in particular, sheep’s coat. Wool, together with cotton, was used as a renewable raw material in the 4th millennium B.C. We primarily distinguish between lamb’s wool, virgin wool and shoddy wool. WILOX mostly uses merino sheep wool, which offers the finest wool. See merino wool/Lenzing Tencel.



Essential for the perfect fit of tights. We distinguish between different gusset formats – depending on the area of use. An absolute sign of quality!